Samuel Greiff

Professor of Educational Psychology & Artificial Intelligence

Curriculum vitae


Department of Educational Psychology

Goethe-University Frankfurt


Here, you can download an overview of my teaching activities.

I offer over 10 years of diverse teaching experience at the Bachelor, Master, and PhD levels. My courses cover the areas of educational psychology, cognitive psychology, assessment, psychological methods & statistics, and other related fields in both English and German. I've taught in various programs, including psychology, teacher education, and educational sciences. 
At University of Luxembourg, I was responsible for the "Research Methods" module in the Bachelor of Psychology Program. In addition to teaching, I have supervised numerous Bachelor, Master, and PhD theses, with a focus on publication-based PhD projects. As Vice-Head of the doctoral school at the Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Luxembourg, I played a key role in establishing a comprehensive doctoral studies program, mandatory for all PhD candidates. Furthermore, I am involved in initiating a new Master program at the University of Bergen, Norway, in Educational Data Sciences, integrating AI and Learning Analytics.
My teaching philosophy emphasizes active student engagement, incorporating methods like moderated discussions, problem-based learning, and peer collaboration. I integrate educational technology, learning analytics, and hands-on examples into my teaching, ensuring up-to-date materials and fostering intrinsic motivation for learning. Overall, I view teaching as an integral part of my commitment to an institution, and I am dedicated to fostering positive learning experiences for students.

Teaching at Goethe-University Frankfurt in Summer Term 2024

Please note: Teaching at Goethe-University Frankfurt is mostly conducted in German.

Seminar: Learning with Digital Media & Digital Education (Bachelor Psychology program)

Seminar: The PISA Study: What It Tells Us About Learning and Instruction (Teacher Education program)

Seminar: The PIRLS Study: An In-Depth Appreciation (Teacher Education program)

Seminar: Learning with Digital Media & Digital Education (Bachelor Educational Sciences program)


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