Samuel Greiff

Professor of Educational Psychology & Artificial Intelligence

Curriculum vitae


Department of Educational Psychology

Goethe-University Frankfurt


I have been involved in different types of external projects funded through various entities such as the European Union, national research agencies, foundations, and industry partners (within public-private partnerships). You can view an overview of all my past and ongoing external projects here.

If you are interested in my involvement into projects related to international large-scale assessments, please see here

As a small selection of projects, take a look at these:
  • The Mapping of Longitudinal Data of Inequalities in Education (MapIE) project funded by Horizon Europe of the European Commission (from 2024 to 2028);
  • The Collaboration 21 (C21) project funded by Cisco, the Luxembourgish Government, and FNR (from 2021 to 2028);
  • The Lifelong Learning, Innovation, Growth and Human Capital Tracks in Europe (LLLightInEurope) project funded by the FP7 of the European Commission (from 2012 to 2015);
  • The ATTRACT research group funded by the Luxembourgish Research Program of Excellence (from 2012 to 2018) of the FNR. The video below briefly introduces the ATTRACT project "Assessing Skills in the 21st Century".
Thank you for your support!

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